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5 Legitimate Ways Nigerians Can Generate Income On The Internet


With the dwindling nature of the Nigerian economy, one will have no option than to shed tears for both the unemployed and under employed masses. instead of news of 20,000 5000 or 500 people being employed, the most common news these days are, either zenith bank sacking 1200 employees or first bank sacking 2400 employees or oil companies sacking 18500 people and so on. this series of downsizing by Nigerian companies is becoming too alarming and Nigerians need to emB.race online alternatives for creating passive income.

Remember that the internet is like a vineyard where their is fruit for all. the more your contribution the better your fruit will be. In this article, the Nairaland community will discover 5 ways to build residual income on the internet. Residual or passive income is that income source that keeps paying you on a consistent basis with very minimal effort.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an income sharing partnership between a merchant and an affiliate marketer. In this type of business, the affiliate marketer agrees to promote or sell the merchants products and a certain percentage is paid to the affiliate marketer in the form of commission. You can build residual income with affiliate marketing by promoting products that pays commission on a recurrent basis. There are so many affiliate networks around where you can easily find the right products to promote.

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