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Checkout Best Cheapest Data Plan For Android, iOS, PC Users in October 2016.

free-internet-1As long as the earth remaineth smartphone and data plans will not seize. Like you all know, data is very important to your smartphone and I’m pretty sure most of you love it when it is more cheaper. It seems the time has come to start adding 4G data plans to the table because it has now become visible in almost all locations.


Which 4G Data Plans is currently the best?

This is a question I cannot answer alone neither can you answer it alone but it depends on your location.  A lot of 4G network are been introduced and more are still coming. Ntel, InterC, Smile, Spectranet and others are not available in every location, hence I’ll only concentrate on MTN newly launched 4G LTE which is available in all location.

MTN 4G Data Plans:

For now, MTN 4G LTE is everywhere and it will be paramount to read this article on how to activate MTN 4G LTE on your mobile before you venture into their data plans.

Can I Use MTN 4G Sim on 2G Network or 3G Network?

The answer is Yes, you can use it.

MTN 4G Data Plans makes use of the same data plans normal MTN users do make use of except you want to be the latest big boy or big gurl in town, then you can dial *444# and choose your preferred big boys data plan.

But it will be ideal you dial *131# and choose your preferred normal data plan.

ETisalat 4G LTE: Yes, rumors have been jumping upandan that Etisalat will soon launch their 4G LTE newtwork even though they are yet to obtain 4G license from NCC. Users in some locations like Lagos have sited the visibility of Etisalat 4G network and very soon it will be made available to the public.


Best Data Plan For Heavy Downloaders

For now, if you want to download heavy files from the internet, it is advisable to use any of the below network.

>>MTN N25 for N500 MB… if you have upto 4MTN sim, you can activate it and get 2GB for just N100;

>>Airtel N25 for 500MB…

Remember that the 1.5GB for N50 has been increased to N200 hence it is not ideal for the normal vigilante users.

Best Data Plan For Normal users

Glo: The grand master of data has just increased their data plan on N1000, which initially gives you 2GB, it has been increased to 3.2GB while N2,000 plan has been increased to 7.5GB.

Every other data remain unchanged.

To subscribe, dial *777# and choose your preferred plan.

Glo N0.00 and Tweakware VPN v3.6

Tweakware VPN has been updated to V3.6 giving free users  1.2GB usage limit instead of the usual 300MB daily usage limit. It is a good development for those who still explore the panties of free browsing.

You can download it here and try out the ever blazing Glo N0.00 free browsing that has been rocking for a while now.


Airtel: Airtel is still offering 6GB for N1,500 data but to some selected sim. To know if you are eligible, dial *440*161#

If you are eligible, go ahead and recharge N1500 on your line and rock the plan.


Airtel Blackberry Plan on Android Devices

Airtel Blackberry Plan 0f N1000 for 3GB on Android devices still rocks and will continue to rock…

Etisalat: For cheapest etisalat data plans, I’ll suggest you patronize third party data resellers as theirs are way cheaper than what etisalat offer.

We are expecting other network to emulate Glo the grand master of data in increasing their data cap. This is the way forward.

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