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Some Cool Features On Google You Might Not Know About

Stopwatch: Do you need to calculate the time and do not have a watch? Simply, type “Stopwatch” in Google, and see a clock placed above the results.

Countdown: The same applies if you want to lead a countdown. Write “Countdown” or “Timer” and Google will display above results a clock ready to start a countdown.

Metronome: You never know when you’ll need a metronome. So Google has already built one that you can activate by typing “Metronome” in the search field.

Calculator (Normal and scientific): As we all know that we already have on Calculator on our computer and mobile but sometimes we need it little faster, so, simply go to Google. Just type “Calc” Google will display above results a calculator, even it also works if you enter the concrete operation in the search field like “84/2”.

Currency conversions: If you are doing online shopping then many times you may notice that often changing between the dollar and some other currencies. To make it easier, you can ask directly to Google, with the amount. For example, “250 dollars in rupees”. You can also use the abbreviation of the currency bank ( “250 USD in EUR”).

Conversions of measurement units: In the case of measure conversions, values are fixed (not as currency). You can find them as in the above (for example, “50 inches in centimetres”) and get the change in the usual way. But if you use Chrome, try typing the measure directly in the browser address bar, and see that one of the autocomplete results is already switching to another unit of measure.

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