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Cristiano Ronaldo Blasted by Fans and Buddhists For ‘Disrespecting Their Religion’ With This Photo


When you’ve got nearly 80 million followers on Instagram, chances are your posts will offend someone.

That’s exactly what has happened to Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been accused of ‘disrespecting’ the Buddhist faith after he posted a picture of himself alongside a statue on Thursday evening.

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A photo posted by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

The Real Madrid striker’s seemingly innocent pose outside his Madrid home infuriated a number of fans on social media who took issue with Ronaldo’s foot position.

Ronaldo’s right foot is resting at the base of the Buddhist statue, a detail that prompted a flurry of angry responses from Buddhists.

“Hi dude but its basic knowledge that you cannot put your foot on a religious statue,” one follower wrote.

“Pls don ‘t do this. We r buddhist. My god. My trust. but under of your legs. It’s so rude.

“This is not cool at all man. I know ur not Buddhist but plz respect for other religions,” added one disappointed fan.

“I’m pretty sure as an educated football player you should have known which kind of behavior can be provocative,” wrote another user.

Ronaldo was defended by another fan who claimed the former Manchester United forward meant to cause no offence.

“He wasn’t meaning to disrespect any religion guys. have a nice day.”

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