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Everything you need to know about Android 7.0 [Nougat]


Android has been making some big moves recently, redesigning and adding functionality to the mobile operating system to make it more capable and more competitive.

With the advent of Lollipop, Android moved to a state that felt like it was complete. It had polish that rivalled manufacturer skins, a maturity to apps that made them wonderful to use.

That was cemented with refinement in Marshmallow that saw many manufacturers moving to accommodate Android’s native charms, rather than stomp all over them.

Anticipation is high for Android Nougat and in an uncharacteristic move, Google has released a developer build of Android Nougat into the wild much earlier than expected. We’ve been playing with the future version of Android see what’s changing, what’s new and what we can expect come launch day.

This is Android Nougat, and this is everything you need to know.

Android Nougat release date and availability
Android Nougat has been revealed much earlier than it has in the past, with a preview version of Android Nougat made available by Google on 9 March, it was updated on 13 April with a second version, before the third version and the first public beta arrived on May 18. The fifth and final developer preview arrived on 19 July.


Android Beta Program
One of the important differences in the early days of Android Nougat compared to previous versions is that it’s incredibly easy to get. Google has opened up a the Android Beta Program that means you can simply enrol a device and have the update delivered over the air.

In previous versions you’ve been invited to download the software and manually flash it to your device. The big difference this makes is that Android Nougat is much more accessible and you can load it onto a Nexus or Pixel device without losing all the content and updates arrive over the air. Google has also included the Sony Xperia Z3 in the beta programme, which is an odd move.

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