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Glo 0.0k Unlimited Downloads, Browsing For September Using UCMini Handler.


Hey, Glo Subscribers in the building. An alternative to the Stubborn Glo Tweak has arrived. In this post, I will be discoursing the disadvantages and advantages of this trick. This tweak is blazing perfectly.

Advantages of The Latest Glo Unlimited Browsing Trick With UCMini Handler

  1. it is unlimited
  2. Can be used to download, browse and watch videos using UCMini
  3. Less Disconnection


The problem with this trick is that it won’t work with all your applications e.g. Whatsapp, Facebook, Playstore, Instgram etc, but works perfectly for unlimited downloads, streaming and browsing using UCMini.


  1. You account balance must be 0.0k (Send PAYU to 127 to empty your account)
  2. UCMini Handler (Download it here)
  3. A strong 3G Network and your android device.

APN Settings for Glo 0.0k Unlimted Browsing With UCMini

No need, just leave any APN e.g.

  1. Glosecure
  2. Glounlimitedzone
  3. Gloflat

Now Open Your UCMini Handler and Configure as follows

FrontQuery: redirect.glo.com
MiddleQuery: %3a@redirect.glo.com
Tick Remove Port
Proxy Type: Real Host
Proxy Server: redirect.glo.com
Now Tap on Save.

What I Noticed

The Glo 0.0 Tweak doesn’t not download huge files at times. But don’t worry there is a way out, just follow the process below

  1. Visit Muchproxy.com on UCMini
  2. Copy and paste the download link of the file you are attempting to download
  3. And click start

Please Take Note: The website muchproxy.com will rename the file you are downloading to .php, so just rename it to the format of what you are downloading.

Hope you enjoy this

Happy Browsing

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