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iPhone 7s Exploded, Despite the hype[see photos].

iphone-7The question is who copied who? Samsung is likely most famous for being an Apple copycat. After all, the company was sued repeatedly by Apple for stealing its technology and designs. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been famous for causing series of untimely explosions in the past few weeks due to battery issues.


The same unforeseen forces that landed on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have also landed on iPhone 7  Plus as reported by a user who ordered iphone 7 Plus in China. According to the Reddit user, a co-worker pre-ordered the iPhone 7 Plus and was excited to get it, only to be greeted by an exploded phone.

iphone71 iphone72 iphone73“Something happened between the factory and delivery,” is all the phone’s owner had to say in his thread on Reddit.

Apple is yet to respond to the situation…

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