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New Way Of Overcoming Childlessness With World’s First Ever ‘Three-parent’ Technique


According to New Scientist, a five-month-old boy has become the first baby to be born to the family of Ibtisam Shaban and Mahmoud Hassan, from Jordan, who had been trying to start a family for almost 20 years, using a new technique that incorporates DNA from three people,

It was learnt that the child was born with the method which incorporates DNA from three parents, is only legally approved in the UK. But US scientists have spoken of how they travelled to Mexico to escape regulation, resulting in the birth of five-month-old AB.rahim Hassan.

The controversial technique, which allows parents with rare genetic mutations to have healthy babies, is only legal in the country, and this followed fierce parliamentary debate.

The boy’s mother had carried genes for a disorder known as Leigh Syndrome, a fatal nervous system disorder which she had passed on to her two previous children who both died of the disease. She had also suffered four miscarriages as a result.

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