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Opera Unlimited Free VPN is Now Available For Android Users


Due to security reasons and increasing need for privacy even when on the internet.

After previously releasing the VPN tool on PC and IOS platform, Opera has finally decided to introduce their VPN app on the Android platform. Aside given you that online security, the VPN app also gives you added protection when using a public Wi-Fi and it also has a built-in ad tracking blocker which helps prevent advertising networks from tracking your behavior online.

We also can’t go without mentioning how easy it is to set up this app as the process is so fully automated and needs almost no user intervention. As most of you already know, VPN apps are used to spoof internet users location and this VPN app currently offers 5 different locations which are USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and The Netherlands with more to come soon.

Although Opera is offering a completely free service without a data limit, no login required, advanced WiFi protection features and no need for a subscription. We most also note that Opera needs to generate income some how and that is where the ads come in. So even though the opera VPN is going to help you block ads for other apps, you must also note that this free app also comes with its own ads.

The app is currently available for all Android users and you can get it on playstore

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