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Rapper: Kanye West Tells Kid Cudi ‘Don’t Ever Mention ‘Ye Name, I Birthed You’ In Epic Rant

Things have finally come to a head after Kid Cudi went off , airing out his grievances about Kanye West, Drake and the music industry as a whole. Obviously Kanye got wind of the whole thing, because he took aim at Cudi during the Tampa, FL, stop of his Saint Pablo tour. “Don’t you ever mention ‘Ye name,” he screamed after interrupting his performance of the “Don’t Like” remix. “I birthed you.”

Kanye especially took offense to the idea of Cudi saying who he could and couldn’t do songs with. “You mad ’cause I do a song with Drake?” he said. “Can’t nobody tell ‘Ye who to do songs with. Respect the God!”

Yeezy called his protege out by name and continued with an even longer outburst a little while later. “You know how many people wish they could be signed to G.O.O.D Music (and) get their life changed?” he asked. Then he taunted Cudi in the most Kanye way ever, saying “I wore skinny jeans first, I got called names before you bruh,” because in Kanye world that’s extremely significant. Finally, he wrapped everything up with one last warning, “Don’t never mention my name, in a bad manner.”

Check out the rest of Kanye’s rant below.

Kanye West’s response to Kid Cudi’s tweets at the #SaintPabloTour in Tampa, Florida cc: @TeamKanyeDaily pic.twitter.com/OcCHqbcWPK

— David Bullock (@AlaskasVeryOwn)

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