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See What Celebrities Had to Say About This Years Independence Celebration


Olu Jacobs: Our leaders are talking to us as if we are school children
I think it will be most unfair to say the government is folding its arms and doing nothing while the country is burning. Here is a country that was almost run to the ground. The change was real. Have you ever seen Nigeria so united? That was a cry for help from Nigerians. Let our leaders lead us and lead us right.  They need to know the extent to which the damage had been done. The country is in a mess and unfortunately, the Americans and the Europeans have helped us to mess it up a bit more. Have you ever seen anything like what happened to our currency? The value of our money has dropped, now we are struggling to survive because the value of our money is low, we cannot buy as confidently as we used to and it’s going to take us a while to fight back.

The only thing I can blame the government for is that I don’t think they are publicising their achievements. They are not telling us enough about what they have done. They are talking to us as if they are talking to civil servants. When they wanted our votes, they came to us and now they need to go round on television and radio and tell us the situation of things and the problems they are having, they just talk to us as if we are school children. We are all groaning in pain, and we need to know why we are suffering so much and they are not telling us as clearly as they should. This, they must do.

Mercy Johnson: Government needs to do more
Nigeria has come a long way. We are not where we are supposed to be but we are not where we used to be. Government needs to do more. We cannot elect people in positions of leadership and they are not stepping into it. However, we must all bear in mind that Nigeria is a collective project.

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